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Find answers to your questions regarding Keepontrack's features below, and don't hesitate to contact us if your question isn't answered here or you'd like more information.

Keepontrack is an all-in-one tracking and management application for boats, jet skis, bikes, and other rental vehicles. Keepontrack allows you to manage booking, payment, waivers, tracking, and business management via one customized platform. We'll set up a dedicated website for your tracking platform and guide you through the process of getting started with Keepontrack. Once you get started, you won't be able to imagine how you ran your rental business without it. 

See a quick video that explains how it works!

Sit back and let us do the hard work. We just need some basic information to get started, including your business's logo and brand colors (your existing website is usually a great place for us to find both). We'll set up your customized site and get Keepontrack going, then help you get started setting up your tracking map with your tracking zone and points of interest. We'll also help you upload your rental waivers and enter the information from your fleet for the booking features. We can dive in together and set everything up quickly or take our time collaborating during your busy season; we'll accommodate your desired schedule. 

This graphic will help you understand the steps involved in account setup:

In short, it can track just about any vehicle that can be rented. 

Keepontrack was originally developed as a tracking application for rental boats and jet skis as a more cost-effective and efficient alternative to physical GPS units attached to vehicles, which are easily lost or removed. Since its expansion, Keepontrack has successfully tracked cars, boats, jet skis, paddle boards and kayaks, motorcycles, scooters, mopeds, surf boards, ATVs and four wheelers, and golf carts. 

Of course. This is an important feature of Keepontrack because you can see your fleet's history of usage and trips. With damage, insurance claims, and other issues, you may not know immediately that something has happened to one of your vehicles. Keepontrack will keep the full story on record for you to review at a later date as needed, without cluttering up your rental office with years-old waivers and trip records. 

You can! Because there's no initial startup fee for Keepontrack's services, we're happy to set up your personalized Keepontrack access for you for free. You and your rental clients will be able to use every aspect of the personalized app and tracking website for a full month. We're confident that you'll choose to keep your monthly service going at the end of your free trial month. To ensure that your valuable work isn't lost, we'll retain all your data for a month after your free trial ends, just in case you need some time to decide if Keepontrack is right for your business. There's absolutely no commitment and you can choose to discontinue your Keepontrack service at the beginning of any monthly subscription period. 

There's no need to change your existing system for recording bookings unless you want to. When a client books a boat online, they're actually "requesting" a booking from you, which you'll confirm on your end if the boat hasn't been booked via phone or in person. You can also add blockout dates on your booking calendar whenever your business will be closed due to vacations and holidays, inclement weather, or other reasons.  

When your client downloads Keepontrack with our easy QR code posters for both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, the app will prompt the client to enter an access code, personalized to your business. When the client enters this access code, the app will be "made over" automatically with your branding colors and design choices, logos, waivers, tracking map, and all other features. Your client will select their rental boat and enter their name, phone number, and return time. It's that easy!

There are a variety of ways that you can edit your map. You have complete control over the tracking zone you define for your customers to stay in, although your vehicles will keep tracking if they move outside this zone. You can also add points of interest and hazards to be avoided to your map to help clients plan their trip. Without any intervention from you, the app will fill in the gaps, providing trip planning, trip and return time estimates, and the ability to call back to the rental outfitter for help if needed. 

Absolutely. You can also enter locations with their latitude and longitude based coordinates as well. We often use this feature to label hazards (like shallow areas, seagrass beds, rocks, etc.) and points of interest without addresses (sandbars, beaches, islands, statues, etc.).

Over years of testing and data collection including over 5,000 trips, we've settled on an average speed that renters cruise at for the trip time estimation. We've found that the ideal speed for most rental outfits is 20 MPH. 

In a variety of ways! First, you'll be able to provide rental clients with a detailed live map complete with any hazards you'd like them to know about and trip planning capabilities.

Keepontrack can also help you find a renter who gets "stuck" by beaching on a sandbar or otherwise becoming immobile. They can call back to you for help and know that you have their exact location.

Third, Keepontrack will provide you with peace of mind when it comes to your vehicles. Not only will you know the location of your vehicles at all times, but you'll also have an in-depth report of how fast it was traveling, where, and when. This has been invaluable for Keepontrack's clients when a rental customer falsely claimed that their injury was due to negligence on the company's part. The rental business was able to prove that the rental client was traveling at prohibited speeds in an area that was marked as dangerous and off-limits.

We're always here for help when you're having an issue! When we set up your Keepontrack service, we'll also set up bug tracking access for you to submit any issues you've having directly to our developers for review. You can also call or email us, especially if you're having an urgent issue, and we'll ensure that you're back on track quickly and painlessly. 

Feeling like one of your rentals has been getting a bit too much love lately from your clients? Because Keepontrack allows you to know how many times a particular vehicle has been rented, you'll be able to ascertain whether it's time for some additional maintenance due to excessive use. 

Keepontrack even has features to help you with your marketing. We'll store your clients' email addresses and other information securely for you to use in creating mailing lists and ad campaigns within Keepontrack. You'll be able to send personalized emails to former clients and send notifications to the phones of users with Keepontrack.

Keepontrack can also help you book more clients through your site by simplifying the process and catching clients who prefer not to call to book their rental. With the option to book online and pay directly, clients who are reluctant to call can still frequent your business. 

Our team speaks English and French with perfect fluency and will be happy to assist you in either language. As our team grows, we'll be prioritizing multilingual speakers of other languages to serve you better. 

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