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Keepontrack was born of necessity. Cedric, an experienced software developer, was trying to help his friend Steve tackle the issue of tracking and safekeeping his boats and jet skis. Steve manages 321 Boat Club and Rentals, and with a fleet of over 30 boats and 5 jet skis, he found the existing GPS trackers for boats on the market to be too clunky and expensive. However, he was regularly experiencing stranded renters, damaged vehicles, and a variety of other headaches. Cedric suggested using the rental clients' phones as a tracking implement via an app, and the idea for Keepontrack was formed.

After years of development and testing, we created a tracking app that Steve's clients loved using and that was simplifying the way he ran 321. The app grew bit by bit as rental clients, employees, and friends, made suggestions to make Keepontrack better. Steve requested more and more features that would help him on a day-to-day basis, including the ability to allow clients to book boats themselves through 321's site and the ability to handle payments and waivers in the app as well.

Cedric and Steve began to realize that Keepontrack was destined for bigger things than being used by just one major boat rental company. Cedric, still busy with his own professional projects, began to search for partners who could help him find rental company owners in need and be available "on the ground" to meet with these owners and help them get started with Keepontrack.

Cedric found the perfect partners in two close friends, Shawnna and Alex, who owned a digital marketing firm and were also intimately familiar with 321 Boat's collaboration with Keepontrack. After testing Keepontrack with other vehicle rental companies and forming a plan, they agreed to jump in with both feet and collaborate with Cedric to expand Keepontrack. Having been in constant use for over 3 years at this point, we've amassed data from thousands of rental trips and polished Keepontrack and its features to perfection. However, there's always more work to be done and new features in the works!

How Keepontrack Works

Meet Our Team

See the members who make up the Keepontrack team.


Cédric Durand

Founder & Director of Technical Development

Cedric created Keepontrack, which benefits from his 20+ years of experience in aeronautical engineering, prioritizing safety, efficiency, and scalability. He loves playing drums and running all over the world as a half-marathoner, testing Keepontrack in all conditions!

Alexandre Navarro

Director of Marketing & Finance

Alex manages all the accounting and financial aspects of the business. He also applies his Master's-level expertise in international marketing to building Keepontrack's advertising and online presence. Alex loves fast cars, travel, and just about any food from his home country, France.

Shawnna Thompson

Director of Business Development

Shawnna works primarily in sales and customer support at Keepontrack, although her experience in graphic design and website building means that she's also responsible for much of Keepontrack's look. She loves boating, gardening, and just about any other outdoor activity.

Charles Thouvenot

Sales Consultant

Charles loves spending time on the water and uses Keepontrack to plan his adventures. His experience in the real estate market helped him develop a variety of skills, including a love of languages: he speaks French and English and is learning Spanish and Japanese.

Benefits of Keepontrack

Learn more about the unique features that make Keepontrack different from every other tracking and management application on the market.



Keepontrack will track your rental vehicles while they're in use by your clients, allowing them to plan their trip and return time via smartphone.


Booking & Waivers

You can give clients the ability to request to book a vehicle online and sign their waiver electronically. Mark "closed" days as blockout dates. 



Create return customers by sending newsletters and marketing emails to your contact list. Send push notifications to users via the app. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

We've created an in-depth FAQ answering many of the questions we hear from clients and potential clients. Learn all about Keepontrack's features, how it works, and how it can help your run your vehicle rental business.

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